Saturday, August 14, 2010

Episode 5 - Spinning my Wheels

Knitting Past
Arrrgyles Socks are done!
Pattern: Arrgyle Chart at Moth Heaven Blog
(link is in the sidebar)
Mad Color Weave Socks
Pattern by Tina Lorin (Ravelry Link)

Knitting Present
Slip Jig Socks - March 2010 Rockin Sock Club Pattern
Socks that Rock Lightweight in My Wild Irish Girlie
Wrought Iron Socks
from Toe Up Socks for Every Body by Wendy Johnson
Icarus - by Miriam Felton
Pattern at

Knitting Future
Start thinking about Christmas Knitting!

Toe Up Socks for Every Body by Wendy Johnson

Put a Spin On It
Tour De Fleece

Yam and Beet Soup

o Slice one large yam into chunks

o Peel four or five beets and cut into cubes

o Slice two celery stalks

o Thinly slice one leek

o Put everything into soup pot and add 7 cups of water

o Cut up a stalk of fresh parsley and add to the pot

o Add a handful of cilantro

o Add a teaspoon of nutmeg

o Add a teaspoon of rosemary

o Cover and cook on low heat for about an hour, or until beets and yams are soft but not mushy

o It tasted just like I remembered.

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